“Daviana’s vineyards are an exceptional site for growing grapes”. We hear this often from visiting wine makers, fellow grape growers and those that purchase our grapes. Daviana winery and its vineyards create a magnificent estate with our hats off and respect to vineyard manager Mike Wolf, who knows the vines make the wine!

The vineyards are located on Third Avenue, East Napa Valley in the newly appointed Coombsville AVA. They lie at the foothills of Mount George, one of the few volcanic mountains that make up the rim of Napa Valley, creating the volcanic ash bed, a perfect grape vine growing environment with elevation change offering good drainage. Our micro hillsides and valleys form an interesting growing combination, the variations leading to varied grape flavor profile with many individual flavor characteristics.

Our vineyard is surrounded by first class vineyards of Far Niente, Farrella, Silverado Vineyards, Meteor and Caldwell. The uniqueness of our vineyard and choice of the varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc make for an interesting marriage between plant, soil and terroir. It is better to plant a varietal in its cooler growing climate spectrum. Coombsville is the right place to plant and grow exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon along with use of modern farming techniques to assist in ripening each harvest.

Coombsville and our vineyards are on the “Bordeaux” side of Cabernet, the soils and climate, referred to as terroir tend to promote a more balanced vine. Our vineyard grows in cooler temperatures, nurturing the elegant acids similar to that of grand cru French wines, combined with the fabulous weather of California. This vineyard exemplifies that great combination unique to our growing area.

The vineyard is planted with 12,750 vines in a 4X7 row spacing with north east – southwest row orientation.

The history of the vineyard is not without accolades. The property was part of a piece of land sold to Napa founder Nathan Coombs from an early land grant, which remained in the Coombs family until the late 1970’s. It was then sold to John & Ann Kirlin who developed it into Revere Winery that consistently produced high ranking California Chardonnay favored with Wine Spectator from 1990 – 1994.